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Shampoo and Reconstruction mask

That gently cleanses and prepares both the scalp and hair for subsequent treatments, as the first stage in the fibre reconstruction process.

Reconstruction mask for weak, brittle and damaged hair.

Enriched with Keratin and Protein Complex, Smooth and nourishes hair by flattening the cuticle, making it easier to comb and leaving it radiant and full of body.

With Keratin and Protein complex Keratin
Primary protein of the hair structure, strengthens the hair, giving body and volume.

Protein complex
Wheat Protein: Nourishes the hair and protects the hair from weakening and thinning of its diameter.
Oat Protein: it has moisturizing and emollient properties, it helps retain moisture.
Soy Protein: It has an antioxidant action and helps to recompact the damaged hair fibre.

After Color Hair Mask Enriched with Collagen and C3 PLEX, the specific acid formula seals the cuticles and locks in colour pigments for brighter, more intense, longer-lasting colour. After color mask It detangles, nourishes and protects, with an illuminating and anti-fade action.

Reconstruction mask
Reconstruction mask

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