Why the grey bleach powder 10 levels is the best for salon

Grey bleach powder

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Grey bleach 10levels   is a bleaching powder with incredible gradual lift  up to 10 levels. This product lifts while respecting the structure of the hair which, after bleaching, appears soft, supple and shiny.

The odourless anti-yellow purple bleaching powder can be effectively used for partial bleaching, freehand and sheet techniques, as well as for full lightening.

Lifts up to 9 levels: its quick, gradual action leaves hair soft. Cuts salon time.

The stand-up Contain is practical to use, allowing you to measure out the product easily and pour it into the bowl without any waste.


Cleanses hair, neutralising unwanted yellow tones. It is suitable for cool blondes and bleached and highlighted hair and will also brighten grey hair. It contains Bilberry and Sea Buckthorn extracts and hyaluronic acid

No yellow mask and No yellow shampoo


ANTI-YELLOW MASK Purple pigments neutralise unwanted yellow tones making this suitable for cool blondes and bleached and highlighted hair. Brightens grey hair.

The BLONDYE range features a post-lightening anti-yellow shampoo and mask with purple pigments.

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