Why should I use Argan oil in my hair

Hidra hair mask

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ARGAN OIL hair mask and Macadia oil

Argan oil is the oil extracted from the plant called Argania spinosa which is endemic of South Marocco zone. Known as the desert gold, the anti-age compund par excellence, it is enriched by vitamins E, A, e F, and essential fat acids, omega 3, omega 6, it protects and restore hair. It makes hair soft, shiny and silky hair.


Macadamia oil hair mask is obtained from the nut of macadamia plant. It is one of the richest oil in essential fat acids omega 3,6 and 7 of the world.

It helps hair to re-balance the hair fiber lipid secretion and it keeps hair and scalp nourished and healthy.

OLIVE OIL hair mask

it is a strong emollient and lenitive oil and it also restores sebum.

Since the ancient times it is famous for the cosmetics properties. It is very rich of polyunsaturated fat acids, vitamins, carotenoids and chlorophylls.

It protects hair from anti-age effects. It also deeply restores the hair without affecting the natural hair suture

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