Which L’Oréal Hair Color Is For You?

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L’Oréal Professional Hair Dye Range has a wide variety. By having the correct skill and information you can be using L’Oréal hair color at a professional rate at home. From permanent colors, toners, and ammonia-free permanent colors. L’Oréal hair color provides diversity which allows those with different hair types to use what’s best for them.

L’Oréal Hair Color: Majirel

Majirel keeps a unique superior formula that’s highly concentrated in caring agents leaving hair to be 45% more conditioned after color. Majirel offers limitless color possibilities with over 150 shades for endless creativity. They even contain the Cool Cover Range which guarantees 100% grey coverage.

When using Majirel from home it is important to follow the mixing ratio at 1:1.5. One tube of Majirel is equivalent to 50ml, leading to using 75ml of oxidant. Firstly, apply the mixture to the lengths and ends of the hair and leave for 15 minutes. Then, go in for the roots starting from the back working your way to the top, this is left for an additional 35 minutes. Remember it is always important to have a patch test first or a test strand. Using L’Oréal Professional Hair Dye Color At Home.

L’Oréal Hair Color: INOA

A luxurious Ammonia-free hair color experience powered by Oil. Its unique patented Oil Delivery system technology gives high-impact color, up to +48% shinier results, and optimal scalp comfort for healthier-looking hair. With a fluid formula that is faster and easier to apply, mix, rinse, and extend to the lengths.

When using INOA from home it is important to follow the mixing ratios at 1:1. One tube of INOA is equivalent to 60ml, using the INOA developer measure to 60ml and mix together. Start to apply to the lengths and ends and the apply to the root. For a beautiful, glossy color it is recommended to leave it for 25-35 minutes. Again, it is important to have a patch test first.

L’Oréal Día Richesse

DIA Richesse, a rich demi-permanent crème hair color formulated with advanced alkaline technology to create deep, rich tones and exceptional softness. Furthermore, offering over 70 professionally formulated shades to produce any desired result with a shiny, reflective finish.

The mixing ratio for Día Richesse is 1:1.5. One tube of Día Richesse is 50ml, using the Diactivator Oxicreme at 75ml apply evenly for 15-20 minutes on damp hair for full effect. Using L’Oréal Professional Hair Dye Color At Home.

L’Oréal Día Light

DIA Light is great for offering a colour refresh to top up the vibrancy of your colour in between your usual permanent colour services. The fast development also makes it ideal for those with busy lives and who are short of time. Commonly known as a toner.

The mixing ratio for Día Light is 1:1.5. One tube of Día Light is 50ml, using the Diactivator Oxicreme at 75ml apply evenly for 15-20 minutes on damp hair for full effect

L’Oréal Luo Color

L’Oréal Luo Color is one of the best colors that create beautiful luminous shine in the hair. Providing gorgeous multi-reflective results on a full head of color, or illuminating hair’s natural highlights for fresh, dimensional, shiny results. A truly has a unique taste for multi-dimensional color. Providing a fresh-looking color, and fresh-looking shine to each hair type and shade. L’Oréal LUO Color provides an ultra-high-shine as a permanent color in just 20 minutes.

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