What Types Of Bleaching Powders Should I Be Using 

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There are different types of bleaching powders that achieve different shades of blonde from caramel to ice white depending on the strength of the bleach and hydrogen peroxide. The types of Bleaching powders come in 4 shades mainly blue, white, grey and violet, they all create different base shades to work with.

Black Bleaching Powders


Firstly, Black bleach lightens by up to 10 shades and more efficiently neutralizes undesired yellow tones. Enzymobond Black is a powerful black bleach with a low ammonia odor, ideal for partially or completely lightening hair and for any type of highlights. Furthermore charcoal bleach, helpful when removing color from hair. They come in a variety of formats, from powders to pastes.

Blue Bleaching Powders


Secondly, Blue Bleaching Powder is used to eliminate orange pigments and is often used for darker hair when creating a caramel brown. Caramel Balayage are extremely popular at the moment. Envie Hair Color 7.31 is a golden ash blonde which creates the perfect balayage shade for girls who want a more subtle and natural vibe. This specific blue bleaching powder, infused with plex technology and keratin to lift up to 9 shades.

White Bleaching Powder


White bleaching powder, used to lighten already bleached hair with a low oxidant to touch up patches and create an even shade of blonde. This helps create less damage to the hair and giving the desired shade of blonde. Also, can be used on virgin hair to create light blonde shades but without pigments to prevent yellow and orange.

Grey Bleaching Powder


Grey Bleaching Powder,  one of the most popular types of bleach powder. Used for stubborn hair that can be difficult to lighten. Often darker hair will go through a few rounds of bleaching before reaching a level 9+. Pigments help to tone out yellow and orange in the hair. Hair Dye Color’s bleaching powder, infused with plex and keratin to prevent breakage and leave the hair smooth.

Violet Bleaching Powder


Violet Bleaching Powder, used for a bright blonde helping eliminate yellow with the violet pigments. This help create a speedy process, as similar to the grey bleach. Blocking out yellow pigments straight away often only needing to bleach dark hair once.

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