What is different on No yellow shampoo and silver shampoo

No yellow hair mask

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Hair Mask shine cream and No yellow hair mask

RAYWELL SHINE FILLER is a line based on natural progressive release hyaluronic acid and vegetable keratin-based cuticlex, a high protection system. Formulated to regenerate the hair fibre, strengthen it and protect it from all external agents including the heat of hairdryers and straightening irons, with anti-ageing action. The silver pigment contained enhances the high gloss effect and natural reflections. The acid ph of the products closes the scales of the hair repairing the split ends. The line consists of acid Hair shampoo, acid Hair mask and Hair serum.

Keratin straightening Treatment

Tannic and keratin smoothing treatment LISSE’ PLEX, gives to your hair a straight and silky effect for more than 3 months. The 3 principles which this line is based are: Takes care of your hair, healthy, a real effect and stays for long the health of the hair is thanks of the presence of oil made of figs, that thanks to the rich concentration of vitamin E and F it has an anti-age action and emollient. The content of vegetable keratin gives volume and keeps intact the molecular structure itself.

No yellow hair Conditioner for white, grey, natural and coloured hair, with anti-yellowing effect and Makes the hair shiny and soft. No yellow hair Shampoo with brightening and anti-yellow effect, ideal to grey hair.

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