Wax Hair Removal Benefits

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A majority of people worldwide undergo waxing treatments. Wax Hair Removal is a lot more effective and beneficial over time. There are lots of methods to undergo a wax hair removal treatment, whether it’s by yourself at home or by a professional. A few different methods for removing hair from the body but waxing stays as one of the most effective.

There are multiple benefits of Wax Hair Removal, like:

  1. Regrowth time, Wax Hair Removal:

    It can take up to 4 weeks for the hair to begin to grow back. Waxing removes the hairs from the root. With shaving, the hairs are cut off close to skin level. Even with a very close shave, this still leaves a considerable amount of the hair just below the surface ready to appear in a day or two. This is really important to understand if you are looking for a long-term option.

  2. Finer regrowth:

    With waxing, the hair is removed at the follicle. This means that when the hair regenerates and grows back, it does so with a finely tapered end. This end is finer and not stubbly, meaning that even whilst waiting for your next wax, your skin won’t feel as hairy as it would do post-shaving.

  3. Waxing is like exfoliation

    A build-up of dead skin cells and grime on your skin can cause outbreaks, blemishes and dryness. It’s why we exfoliate, in order to remove it all.

    With waxing, all of this is removed for you, as part of the process. The result is that the waxed area is smooth, radiant, clean and fresh. That said, it’s not specifically an exfoliation method, and for best results we recommend you exfoliate a few days before having a wax. Don’t exfoliate for 48 hours either side of your waxing appointment as this can make your skin more sensitive.

  4. Waxing banishes shaving rash

    Shaving rash is inflammation of the skin caused by irritation. If you’re prone to shaving rash then one of the main hot wax benefits is that you should be able to avoid it ever again. With shaving you’ll be exposing the area to friction every few days, which only makes inflammation worse. With waxing, you can avoid this for over a month at a time giving your skin a chance to calm down.

  5.  Fewer ingrown hairs

    Ingrown hairs can be painful and look unsightly. At worst, they can become infected and lead to scarring. A professional waxing specialist will knowledgeably ensure they remove the wax strips in the way best proven to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. If you’re particularly prone to ingrown hairs then let your beautician know, and also make sure you exfoliate and moisturise well, two days after the wax.

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