Vegan Hair Products

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There are several benefits to using a luxury-performance vegan hair care brand. Regardless of the type of your hair, there is a vegan shampoo available for everyone. And if you have any issues, such as dry hair or scalp, damaged ends, or frizz, you will always find something suitable for your hair. Vegan hair care typically contains natural, plant-derived, and certified organic ingredients. Vegan hair care is also cruelty-free. Finally, the manufacturing of the product is efficient and no animals are harmed. Vegan hair care does not contain harsh, synthetic chemicals in the ingredients list. This is important for everyone, our hair should not get in touch with so many additives in the hair care products that we use. For example, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate may have an impact on your skin, scalp, and hair, including hair loss and scalp drying. Being mentioned as possible side effects it is recommended to avoid these chemicals. Using vegan hair care also means that you know that they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The end result you will have vibrant, healthy, and youthful looking hair. Our hair follicles will be nourished with natural oils and plant extracts, which will keep our hair protected and durable.

Envie Vegan Hair Care: Frizzy & Dry Shampoo and Mask

This vegan hair care set is specifically for those who have a problem with frizz and lack moisture. Infused with linum seed extracts to tame the frizz and lock in moisture to each strand. Resulting in smooth, soft and manageable hair that will be easy to maintain. All hair types can experience frizzy and dry hair, it can be difficult to manage without a good hair care system. Using hair masks in our routines allows the hair to gain an extra boost of moisture. Recommendations include a hair mask in your routine 1-2 times per week. The Envie Vegan range helps to contribute towards the economical effects and preserves vegan values when making the product.


Envie Vegan Hair Care: After Color Shampoo and Mask

This vegan hair care set is for those who have color treated hair and are looking to prolong the effects of color. Sometimes color can fade but using a good color protecting shampoo is key. This vegan formula contains murumuru butter, date oil and vitamin A. All of these key ingredients provide softness and shine to the hair, making it easier to manage and take care of. While increasing the duration of hair colour.

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