Vegan Friendly Bleach Powder

Ammonia free bleach powder

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Vegan-Friendly Bleach Powder can be difficult to find on the market. When living the vegan lifestyle it can be hard to find products that fit into this category. Luckily the Italian range Envie has released their Vegan Friendly Bleach Powder called: Envie Respect. This whole range includes vegan-friendly formulas to lighten your hair and cover greys without affecting environmental factors.

Bleaching from the vegan formula. It contains vegetable conditioners to protect the hair and blue/purple pigments for lightening even of strong intensity with anti-yellow effect. The vegan hair care community is proving that assumption wrong. Not only are vegan hair bleaches made without involvement in animal ingredients or testing, many people out there are saying they’re just as effective as their chemical counterparts.

Envie Respect Bleaching Powder is your go-to, dust-free, ammonia-free bleach kit that is super easy to use and can lift and lighten your hair by up to 9 shades. This low odour, high performance cream formula is suitable for all hair types. Vegan Friendly Bleach Powder, formulated without ammonia and odor for a more pleasant client experience. Our bleach powder offers powerful lift of up to 9 levels. Furthermore, the ammonia-free formulation has an outstanding performance and delivers convincing results. The gentle formula is based on a herbal technology that makes no compromises in performance. It protects each hair to significantly reduce damages during and after the bleaching process.

Why Envie Respect Bleaching Powder?

We believe for clients who are interested in getting natural blonde looks and especially for those who are concerned about harsh chemical odours from conventional bleaching and wish to try an ammonia-free & vegan alternative.

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