Using different hair color to great result

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Hair color in new styling hair dye

A light ash brown hair is a hair color that is a combination of silver, blonde, and dirty brown hues. With its cool undertones, you’ll be sure to have a fresh and brightened ash brown hue.

Light Ash Brown Highlights on Dark Hair

A pale grey-ish undertone is perfect on dark hair to form a beautiful metallic brown effect. You can’t also just deny how stunning the waves are in this lengthy locks. The movement enhances the shine of this look’s balayage ombre technique.

These hotties took this hair color to the skies with their stellar manes caught on camera. It’s a universal color that has endless options that will definitely up your hair game.

Expert hairdresser Envie from California shares his rules when getting the color. Try not to lift the hair too many levels because it brings a lot of red pigment,” he says.

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