Sicura Hair Products

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Sicura is an amazing range that does a variety of products. From Hair Dye Colors, ShampoosConditioners, and Hair Masks all of professional salon quality. Our products contain liquid crystals and flax seeds to revive hair. Specifies for hair that has undergone treatment, bleaching, coloring, straightening, or permanent waving. Furthermore, they effectively restore moisture to your hair, promoting its health and revitalization.

It is also advisable for those who, have natural hair, needing gentle care every day. Giving hair elasticity, smoothness, volume, and shine. The action of the substances of the Post Color line makes the products suitable also for those who have chemically treated hair or natural hair.


Sicura Professional Crème Color is a permanent coloring cream. Additionally, wheat germ oil enriches this product and aids in protecting and nourishing hair while coloring. The product’s design guarantees optimal coloring outcomes, and it is easy to use. This product has a low ammonia content and a pleasant fragrance. Compared to other similar products, this product preserves its color for a longer period thanks to its special formulation. It effectively covers 100% of gray hair and delivers a natural, long-lasting result. Sicura Professional Crème Color respects hair, thanks to the high cosmetic quality of its ingredients, even the most damaged hair becomes soft and brilliant.




Sicura Hair Cream Conditioner is enriched with macadamia oil, the right complement to Sicura Hydrating Shampoo. Perfectly suitable for weak hair which had any chemical treatments or heat damage by the constant use of blow dryers, smoothing brushes, and hair straighteners. As a result, this protects and reinforces the natural hydration of the capillary fiber. Makes hair easy to comb and provides shine, elasticity, and brilliance.

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