Should I use vegan hair shampoo as good products

vegan hair mask

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Vegan woman hair loss hair shampoo

The vegan formula contains active ingredients such as oils and plant extracts of Baobab, Japanese Camellia, Aloe, Nettle, Rosemary, Lavender, Chilli Pepper and Mint extracts, which improve hair growth by strengthening its structure and leaving it shiny and soft, developing, in addition to this, a pleasant fresh sensation while using it. use 10 ml of shampoo once/twice a week.

Vegan Woman Hair Loss prevention

The vegan formula contains plant and oil extracts such as Hop Plant, Ginko Biloba, Trigonella, Sage and Serenoa, which stimulate the metabolic functions of the scalp, reinforcing the root and promoting hair growth. Instructions for use: use a vial twice a week for the first 15 days of treatment, then a vial per week, massaging the product on the scalp for some minutes. You may notice the development of a mild redness and a slight fresh sensation in the treated zone, such a reaction is an indicator of the beneficial effect of the active substances contained .

Shampoo sebum balancing

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