Should I use keratin Treatment in my Hair

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Rebuild hair smooth and silky for over 3 months.

Keratin Line of products for hairdressing and home maintenance, which gives the  principles underpinning this line are 3 protection of the hair; with respect to health; real and lasting effect of the treatment. Thanks to its formulation based on prickly India oil rich in vitamins E and F, performs an important anti-aging action and emollient. The content of Vegetal Keratin brings volume and integrates the molecular structure of hair.

The range consists of keratin PRE-SHAMPOO, shampoo at alkaline pH, which opens the scales of the hair STRAIGHTENING CREAM, straightening treatment, conditioner at acid pH, seals the scales of the hair.

Apply keratin PRE-SHAMPOO to wet hair and massage. Dry your hair and apply STRAIGHTENING CREAM PROTEINLISS on individual strands. Proceed with drying with a brush. Comb thoroughly to remove any excess product. Proceed with the plate and rinse with warm water at the end.

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