After Your Holiday, Repair Your Hair

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Have you just come back from a lovely beach break away? Have you been taking a dip in the pool or a swim in the sea? So tell me, how is your hair? Not many people are aware of the damage your hair can go through from the chlorine, salt in the sea, and UV rays from the sun. The importance of after your holiday, to repair your hair. Being fairly easy to prevent this damage but also just as easy to repair your hair.

It works out better to protect your hair during the holiday so less damage can be created you can do this by using protective serums, reconstructing masks after going for a swim, and using oil treatments to prevent dryness. For blondes, touching the chlorine in water can cause discoloration of the hair. This means that it is very common to see green pigments appearing on some strands. The root cause of why blonde and other light-colored hair turns green after swimming in a pool is copper compounds. This metal, found in the water of most pools, whether fresh or saltwater varieties.

Repair Your Hair: Removing Green Pigments


If your strands end up turning green there are a few ways to fix it. As soon as you’re done swimming, shampoo with a chlorine removal shampoo. Also known as a clarifying shampoo but some or specific for chlorine. Although an average clarifying shampoo works the same if left on for 3-4 minutes. Alternatively, you can use a professional toner to remove the unwanted pigments from brands like L’Oréal Día Light, L’Oréal Día Richesse and Wella Color Touch. These toners are stronger in order to tone your blonde to be perfect.

Repair Your Hair: Hair Mask

One of the best hair masks that I can recommend is the Envie Vegan Frizzy and Dry Mask. This vegan formula contains plant and oil extracts such as linseed, macadamia, aloe, arnica and vitamin e. Which moisturise the hair eliminating fizziness and dryness from the ends. This is ideal to take with you on your get away as after a dip in the pool your hair will significantly dry out. This mask will help boost the moisture and hydration levels that were lost. Finally resulting in healthier, smoother and easily manageable hair.


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