Reconstructive Hair Serums For Damaged Hair

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The use of reconstructive serum with anti-frizz properties. Thanks to plumping actions, it reduces the porosity of the hair making it soft, vigorous, and easy to comb. Reconstruction is a treatment plan specifically developed to rebuild damaged and brittle hair. Strengthens and nourishes the fiber in each strand. Here are some reconstructive serums that Hair Dye Color has to offer:

SOS Express Reconstructive Serum:

Firstly, the SOS Express Reconstructive Crystal Cream. Heat activates our Hydro-Keratin Repair technology, allowing it to deeply penetrate the hair structure during styling. The SOS Express Crystal Cream nourishes, revitalizes, hydrates, and softens the hair without weighing it down, controlling static electricity and eliminating frizz. SOS Express Crystal Cream is designed to repair split ends and protect hair from atmospheric aggressions and styling tools.

Oyster Reconstructive Serum:

Serum that has beneficial effects on the hair’s cortex. Its filling, replenishing action gives body and substance.  It restores body and vitality, visibly improving the appearance of dry, damaged hair. An intensive reconstructive serum for all hair types. Formulated to treat scalp and hair problems with the utmost delicacy. Cutinol Rebirth serum contains no parabens, EDTA, PEG or colorants.

Raywell Hyaluronic Acid Serum:

This serum infused with Natural Jaluronic acid and Cuticlex high protection system, suitable for all hair types. A lightweight formula to repair the split ends in order to give a fuller effect. With a guaranteed shine boost and maximum moisturisation without weighing down the hair. Finally, resulting in beautiful, thicker, shinier and easily manageable hair.

Milk Serum:

Infused with argan oil-based conditioning agents for all hair types. Your hair will become brighter, softer, and silkier without being greasy and heavy. Envie Milk Protein Serum is a silicone-based styling product that coats the hair’s surface. It helps impart added shine, smoothness, hydration, humidity, and pollution protection. Envie Milk Protein Serum, used as a pre-styling treatment and a finishing product on wet or dry hair.


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