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No Yellow products are extremely popular, especially in the summer! Things like the sun, chemicals in swimming pools, and sea water can all change the pigments in blonde hair meaning it is important to fix this. The root cause of why blonde and other light-colored hair turns green/yellow after swimming in a pool is copper. This metal is found in the water of most pools, whether fresh or saltwater varieties. There are many different ways to revert this with different types of no-yellow products such as:

No Yellow Shampoo’s:


Firstly, the Envie No Yellow Shampoo. This specific shampoo is one of the most popular on the market for the salon industry. Showing instant improvement and stunning results. There are intensive violet pigments to cancel all of the unwanted pigments in the hair.

Blondes can benefit from using purple shampoo for various reasons. Purple products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and toners, contain purple pigments. Helping neutralize and counteract unwanted brassy tones in blonde hair.

Over time, natural or color-treated blonde hair can develop a yellowish or brassy hue due to factors. Factors like sunlight, environmental pollutants, or even the minerals present in water. Purple Shampoo work through the principle of color theory, where purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel.


Hair Masks:

Does your hair look brassy or slightly orange? If yes, the No Orange Mask is perfect for you! The blue pigments in this hair mask make exceptional changes to your hair, transforming from orange to a bright, soft blonde. Blue Pigments also help infuse more ash into the hair! It is very common for darker hair types to become a copper tone after bleaching so it is important to keep on top of the maintenance so the orange does not show up.

Designed with brightening, anti-yellow and anti-orange effects. Made for those with white,  grey, natural, and bleached hair. The No Orange Mask detangles, nourishes, and hydrates. Neutralizing unwanted copper/orange tones. Its rich and concentrated formula leaves hair extraordinarily shiny and soft. Its special formulation in a cream enriched with Extra Blue Pigment helps maintain a cool and even tone, making it last longer.



No Yellow Hair Masks are very intensive to change the pigment but also to infuse intensive moisture into the hair. It will leave your hair a bright blonde tone and extremely shiny so it is easily manageable.

Or does your hair look yellow? If yes, the No Yellow Mask will work a treat for your hair. Purple is perfect for eliminating all yellow tones in the hair. Blonde hair often fades to yellow after a few weeks of toning, this is very common. Purple hair masks apply the principles of colour theory to hair care. Colours neutralise one another and with hair care, coloured toning products can counteract hues that are opposite of their own. A purple toning mask is used to remove the unwelcome yellow tones.

By using a mask it works better to tone, brighten and hydrate. Alternatively, making it way better than any purple shampoo you’ve tried.

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