L’Oréal Luo Color

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L’Oréal’s Luo Color is one of the best colors that create beautiful luminous shine in the hair. Providing gorgeous multi-reflective results on a full head of color, or illuminating hair’s natural highlights for fresh, dimensional, shiny results. A truly has a unique taste for multi-dimensional color. Providing a fresh-looking color, and fresh-looking shine to each hair type and shade. LUO Color provides an ultra-high-shine as a permanent color in just 20 minutes.

Each LUO Color shade has a special combination of photo-reflective color molecules to enhance the personality of the hair’s own reflects. Photo-reflective colorants allow the hair to absorb and reflect light, at the same time creating brilliant, shimmering results. This allows dimension to enter the illusion as your hair will look thicker and healthier. This multi-dimensional, light-reflecting color provides up to 4.5 levels of lightning. This creates an easier approach to coloring the hair without having to use bleach to cause further damage to the hair. LUO Color is enriched with Nutrishine technology and Grape seed oil. Resulting in intense hydration, leaving the hair soft and easy to manage. Hair is left vibrant, feeling smooth, and a radiant shine.

How To Use:

The mixing ratio for the L’Oréal Luo Color is 1:1.5. 1 tube of Luo Color (50 ml) with 1.5 of Luo Color 25 vol (75 ml). Start the application on lengths and ends as they take the longest time to develop, then apply Luo Color to the roots, beginning the application at the back sections of the head and then working towards the top and front. Following these steps will give you more of an even result with a beautiful gloss. The development time for this color is a shocking 20 minutes while covering up to 70% of white hair.



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