Light Deep Ash Brown Hair

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Hair colors can make or break your entire style, so make sure you choose the best one for you. Try a light deep ash brown hair to make a statement. At times, natural baby highlights are what you need to brighten up your straight, long mane.


Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Never doubt incorporating highlights on dark brown hair to slightly give shine to it. Big voluminous waves are a great addition, which enhances the body of your mid-length cut.


Ashy Brown with Blonde Highlights

Oh-so rich! Gear up your look with blonde highlights, babylights, plus very subtle hints of ashy tint. Done via balayage, these shades provide a depth illusion at the root, and softer finish at the hair ends. The payoff will blow minds if you match it with a mid-length chop and some delicate waves.


Very Light Ash Brown Hair

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