How to use the three hair dye

hair color raywell

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Three hair color 100ml

It covers 100% of grey hair and Gives a natural, long-lasting result. Three hair colours do not stain the skin. Three Color is a permanent colour cream.

It is enriched by the Tea Tree essential oil which provides a protective and mild process.

It is formulated to guarantee the best hair coloring results and is easy to use. It has low ammonia content.

It is guaranteed to be long lasting and does not fade. It covers 100% of grey hair and gives a natural, long-lasting result. Respects hair, thanks to its high quality trichological ingredients, even the most damaged hair becomes soft and brilliant.

Three hair coloring cream has a gentle progressive action. THREE hair Colour is easy to mix with any of the OXY Peroxides 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes. The cream peroxide optimizes the desired result while making the application extremely easy. The three hair dye colour 120 ml. size is economical while affording more beauty salon shelf space. The hair colour application is easily rinsed from the hair and does not stain the skin.

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