How to maintain Blonde hair color

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Blonde hair colour with icy color

If you’re going blonde, don’t be afraid to go bold! An icy white lob can give off serious beauty vibes. If icy white is your goal, it helps to keep maintenance in mind. Platinum hues like this not only need regular touch-up appointments but will also require you to avoid overly chlorinated pools. Finally, add purple shampoo to your shower routine. Icy Pixie ice natural hair color

Try an extra short Envie ice blonde hair colour icey pixie Envie hair color 8.02 ice light blonde irisee  if you want to make a huge statement. If you’re nervous about cutting off your locks, I suggest you talk about your concerns with your stylist. My advice is that your hair will always grow back so why not have some fun?

Gorgeous Icy Silver Blonde

For you to get to an icy shade of platinum, Raywell  hair color 9.02 very light ice blonde irisee

Patience is required. Luckily, all the trouble is worth it once you walk out of the salon looking mad icy.

Dark hair colour to Light Icy Blonde Sombre

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