Highlighting Your Hair From Home.

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If you want to highlight your hair at home, there are a few different ways to go about it. You can use foils with bleach, a high-lift color, or a highlighting spray. Here are a few tips for highlighting your hair at home:

Using Bleach and Foils To Highlight:

Choose a suitable foil. There are a few different types of foils you can use to highlight your hair. You can use Aluminium foil, plastic foil, or terry cloth foil. Aluminium foil is the most popular because it reflects light the best. Start by applying the bleach to the ends and only process the roots for up to 15 minutes as the roots lighten the quickest!

Highlighting hair at home can quickly and easily add extra brightness and highlights to your hair. There are different ways to highlight your hair, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Using accessories like a highlighting cap will most likely give you the best results from home. The highlighting technique can be difficult and time-consuming so for the best results visit the hair salon!

After the bleaching process, it is important to tone out the highlights using an intense violet shampoo or a good toner from brands like L’Oréal Dia Light, L’Oréal Dia Richesse, or Wella Color touch. These colors brands are extremely popular for their toning abilities with multiple beautiful shades.

Using High Lift Hair Dye:

Additionally, another method is a high lift or super lightener hair dye color which is similar to bleach but a slight part weaker. It allows to lift the color up to 4/5 levels depending on the oxidant being used. The stronger the oxidant is the higher the lift will be. Again I would recommend to use the highlighting cap as a guide for the highlighting process. Often after using the super lightner or high lift color it is not necessary to tone the hair although you could still use a violet pigmented shampoo to help remove unwanted yellow.

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