Hair Dye Color’s Black Bleaching Powder

black bleach powder

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The new trend of 2023 is black bleaching powders. Made from charcoal to create a brilliant, bright finish. Charcoal is an eco-friendly ingredient with purifying, cleansing and detoxifying properties. Black bleaching powder is elite for instant high lifts for up to 10 levels instantly depending on the natural state of the hair.

You may have even seen teeth whitening products advertised with charcoal to help lighten and whiten teeth. Likewise, charcoal also has a similar effect on the hair when added to professional hair lighteners. It also has a gentle exfoliating effect, helping to remove any build-up from product usage. Capable of stripping away the harsh chemicals used in many commercial hair dyes. Studies have found that activated charcoal can be an effective way to lighten hair without damaging it. Finally, leaving it looking and feeling healthier. Although hydrogen peroxide will increase the damage risk depending on the strength.

Why Should I Use Black Bleaching Powders?

Using black bleach makes the toning process a lot quicker. Charcoal blocks out yellow and orange pigments that leave the hair looking icy. It gives a lot of ash to the hair to prevent these brassy pigments from showing. Perhaps the most commonly touted benefit of charcoal bleach vs regular bleach is the ability to achieve a cool-neutral tone. While a subjective point, this may be a draw for those who are unhappy with the tones they have achieved with other bleaching products. Some charcoal bleaches can be used without a toner. Which could be appealing to those looking to keep the hair bleaching process simple.

  • Some suppliers claim the added benefit of being able to leave charcoal bleach products in your hair longer than with regular bleach. This could allow you to achieve a lighter tone in just one session, compared to the multiple sessions sometimes needed with regular bleach. It’s very important to check this for the specific product you use, as it can be dangerous to leave hair lightening products in for long periods of time.

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