Envie Milk Protein Range

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Envie Milk Protein is a line with natural milk proteins ideal for frizzy and dry hair. The conditioners and proteins contained in its products make the hair soft and easy to comb. Modelers help smooth hair and eliminate undesirable frizz, while protecting and nourishing hair.

Milk Shampoo designed specifically for frizzy and dry hair effectively cleanses the scalp while providing a softening effect. Additionally, it helps to boost moisture and hydration levels in the hair.

Milk Mask with an acid pH that is designed for frizzy and dry hair. This conditioning product, enriched with milk proteins, which help to make the hair soft, shiny, and easier to comb.

Milk All In One polishes and removes flyaway hair, fixes damaged and dry hair, guards hair from the heat of blow dryers and straighteners, Makes combing easier, detangling, Fixes split ends, Adds volume, Guards against color fading.

Milk Serum is a conditioning treatment for all hair types that contains argan oil. Designed to make hair shiny, soft, and silky without leaving it greasy or heavy.

This is an amazing blow dry fluid that boosts volume, protects from heat of hair dryers and straighteners. Applied on the damp hair making it easy to comb.

Milk Mousse with milk proteins with a conditioning effect, it is ideal for frizzy and dry hair also curly hair, it makes hair shiny and soft, lightly setting.

Milk Anti-Frizz the ammonia-free straightening cream allows you to easily obtain straight hair for about 8 weeks without damaging the hair fibre.

Milk Restructuring Lotion with milk protein and cationic salts which have an antioxidant and anti-free radical action. The intense and immediate action means that the hair acquires volume, shine and silkiness from the very first application.


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