Envie Chromactive Range

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Envie Chromactive line, formulated with liposome-based technology, lengthens the life of the color on the hair. The “CHROMAZONE” liposome active ingredient with pomegranate extract has an antioxidant action on free radicals, keeping the color molecules inside colored hair for longer. The ideal treatment involves using the shampoo first, then the mask with a 5-minute pose, and finally the color defender pH regulator spray.

Introducing the remarkable Acid pH Color Protecting Shampoo enriched with the goodness of nourishing pomegranate extract! As a result, this phenomenal shampoo not only lavishly cleanses but also nurtures and indulges your beautiful colored and treated hair. Allow this extraordinary formulation to shower your hair with the ultimate care and protection it truly deserves.

Chromactive Mask, with Acid pH color protection mask with pomegranate extract, designed to deeply restructure your hair. Effectively closing the scales. By doing so, it beautifully transforms colored and damaged hair, leaving it delightfully soft, shiny, and effortlessly easy to comb.

The Chromactive Serum is an amazing serum for color treated hair. Keeping a vibrant color, maintaining softness and shine without weighing down the hair or having a greasy look. Chromactive Serum is infused with pomegranate extract which creates a beautiful long lasting smell of freshness.

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