Different between Botox and Nanoplex Treatment

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Nano plex hair mask and Nano plex shampoo Treatment

Nano Tech Botoplex is a line of hair products formulated with new technological concepts capable of repairing and moisturizing all types of hair. Natural active ingredients raised to maximum power. Keratin repairs the structural damage of the hair, increasing the volume. Cuticlex patented molecule that repairs, hydrates and protects hair from atmospheric agents and chemical treatments. Cashmere increases the elasticity of the hair, giving the hair  shine and softness. Hyaluronic acid increases the volume and makes stronger and healthier hairs. Shea butter eliminates frizz and moisturize dry and porous hair. Castor oil strengthens the hair structure by providing hydration and softness. Liposomes are nanoplex -carriers of active ingredients that help transport the active ingredients inside the hair, increasing the result.

LIPO SHAMPOO Nanoplex and Nanoplex hair mask  tech Botoplex no sls no paraben is a new generation product rich of natural ingredients and cuticle patented molecule, which provide hydration, shine and volume to all hair types, protecting them from external agents and chemical treatments. How to use: use 10-15 ml of product for each wash than rinse

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