Different between blue and Grey bleach powder

grey bleach powder 10levels

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Grey bleach powder 10levels is the Answer to Blonde Hair

The name says it all No yellow Grey bleach powder 10 levels This bleaching powder for hair lightening combines SPEED and PROTECTION for high performance results of up to 10 shades. It leaves hair shiny, healthy and conditioned, not least thanks to the protective and restructuring power of keratin and PLEX (polyamine sugar condensate) and keratin. If you try it, you’ll never look back

This bleach powder, with a special formula offering over 9 shades, protects hair with the nourishing and moisturising properties of organic argan oil. Ideal for highlights or balayage, it maintains the natural softness of hair.  Excellent for total lightening  your hair, to obtain a beautiful light blonde colour without weakening hair. The Dust Free formulation prevents the release of volatile powders, for quick, easy mixing

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