Classy Icy Blonde and Grey

hair color raywell

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This color is an ice blonde with extra ash and a sharp clean bob Raywell  hair color 8.02 light ice blonde irisee

This look is a full head highlights with a shadowed root. Icy blonde hair colour and grey colour is an investment and you must take the time and purchase the best products No yellow mask to take care of it. It’s one of the most high maintenance tones out there and washes out fast if it’s not taken care of.

Having all said that.  it’s a beautiful And fun tone colour if executed right. You can pull off this look as long as you get the right shade of ash tone to complement your skin tone. Using a really good purple or silver shampoo and a good moisturizing conditioner is recommended.


As well as you wash with cooler water good shampoo and low heat for your hot tools.

ENVIE HAIR COLOR 11.21 Stunning Icy Blonde and Rose Gold

This stunning iced rose is the perfect rose gold to icy blonde color melt. It’s a nice way to try out a bolder, trendy colour but without having to coloured your whole head that hair colour and it would be allowed in most workplaces. It is versatile in the fact that any length hair could do this color, and it looks good straight or curled.

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