City Life Keratin Leave-in Products.

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As discussed in the previous blog, City life Keratin Range has a variety of products. All products are infused with three main oils of Argan, Macadamia, and Olive oil. All of these ingredients are key for hydration and smoothing.

Keratin smoothing cream.

Designed to remove frizz. Creating a smooth effect on each strand giving softer, manageable hair. Recommended to be used with Shampoo and conditioner from the keratin range for the best results.




City Life ten in one treatment.

This treatment is a beneficial leave-in conditioner with 10 benefits. 1 – Gives shine. 2 – Protects from heat. 3 – Eliminate frizz. 4 – Facilitates the fold. 5 – High detangling power. 6 – Prevents split ends. 7 – Hair with more volume. 8 – Extends the duration of the hairstyle. 9 – Softness and silkiness. 10 – Treatment for dry and damaged hair.




City Life Keratin Oil

Infused with argan, macadamia and olive oil as a finishing oil to create hydrated strands. It can be used on wet and dry hair as a finishing product that creates shine and a glossy effect.

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