Choice of Nanoplex Hair Treatment

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Botox Nanoplex Hair straightening

Nanoplex is the preferred choice of keratin straightening specialists worldwide. Take your salon to new heights and unlock the power of flawless hair transformation. Your clients deserve the best, and with Nanoplex you can deliver an unrivaled hair-smoothing experience that exceeds all expectations, for every kind of hair.

Botoplex with Nanoplex No SLS No Paraben is a new generation products rich of natural ingredients and cuticle patented molecule, which provide hydration, shine and volume to all hair types, protecting them from external agents and chemical treatments.

The Nanoplex Hair Straightening Set includes, Nanoplex Professional Hair Straightening Keratin Protein: Experience the power of our professional-grade keratin protein, formulated with Amino Fusion Technology. It delivers unmatched straightening results, intense nourishment, and promotes healthy hair growth.

Nanoplex botoplex Shampoo: Prepare the hair for the straightening treatment with our specialized color care shampoo. It gently cleanses and nourishes the hair while preserving the vibrancy of color-treated strands.

Botox Nanoplex Smoothing Conditioner: Enhance the straightening effects of the keratin protein treatment with our luxurious smoothing conditioner. It provides silky-smooth results, intense nourishment, and leaves the hair irresistibly soft and manageable.

Nanoplex Nourishing and Color Care Hair Mask: Treat the hair to a revitalizing and color-protecting hair mask. This nourishing formula deeply conditions, repairs damaged strands, and preserves the vibrancy of color-treated.

Nanoplex Heat Protectant Liquid Serum: Shield the hair from heat styling damage with our heat protectant liquid serum. It creates a protective barrier, leaving the hair smooth, frizz-free, and protected against high temperatures while adding extra-sealing smoothing effects.

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