Botox leave in conditioner hair treatment.

botox shampoo and conditioner

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Envie Botox leave in conditioner hair treatment step 3 .Based on Capillary Botox, this cream does not require rinsing and seals the scales of the hair, making it shiny and silky.


Botox treatment ends and can be used at home as a maintenance product post processing. Botox hair 24 k regenerating filler treatment with Botox capillary.

Botox hair 24 k ‘s professional product line designed for those who want to take care of damaged hair, damaged or thin.

The treatment gives volume and body to your hair, giving already after the first use beauty and brightness.


Penetrates deep into hair fibers and fills the damaged layers of hair, playing an action volumizing and restructuring. Botox leave in conditioner hair treatment. Botox hair treatment and botox hair conditioner.

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