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Hey everyone! Today I am going to start sharing our products of the week in a top 3 ranking. All of these products have been extremely popular this week and that is obviously for a reason! It is important to us that we provide you the best products specifically for you. With good reasoning and customer feedback about each product in depth, you will understand why you need these products so let’s get started!

Number 3

The Elchim 3900 Hairdryer is a popular choice for salon-quality results. Equipped with several features that contribute to efficient and effective hair drying. Equipped with a 2400 wattage, ceramic and ionic technology to give the hair a brilliant shine. With multiple heat and speed settings to create amazing styles and a cold shot button to set the styles. Along with a lightweight feel and not as loud as other hair dryers on the market. A hairdryer can be used on all hair types and additionally has different nozzles that can be equipped.

Number 2

The Vegan After Color set with shampoo and a hair mask has exceptional sales! It has multiple benefits for the environment and for your hair. Becoming vegan is a recommended move in this century and now there are lots of vegan products on the market.  This vegan formula contains murumuru butter, date oil and vitamin A. Which provides softness and shine to the hair, increasing the duration of hair colour. The ingredients are full of hydrating agents to keep your hair soft and manageable, for all hair types!


Number 1

The PdV Keratin Liss Care Set!

This set has been extremely popular this week, with high quality results. This is a formaldehyde free product that is rich in wheat protein that helps to reconstruct the hair. Keratin helps to repair and restore damaged hair by replenishing the protein lost through chemical treatments, heat styling, and environmental factors. It smooths the hair, increases the shine, improves the hair texture and lasts up to 3 months. Constructed for all hair types.

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