Ash brown hair color 4.1

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Dark ash hair color with blonde highlights is a hair color combination that has lightened pieces or ribbons of hair color, adding tons of depth and dimension as a result. Lots of methods can be done with highlights – frosting hair color , chunking dye, full head, partial, traditional highlights, and the balayage which is a hand-painting technique that results in a natural-looking dye job!

Sun-kissed hints of ash blonde hair can transform your tresses into a fuller and livelier version, and this is very much achievable regardless of your skin color. What’s important to consider is how much you’re willing to put into the upkeep hair dye colour styles.

Using a balayage style ash brown endows you soft, seamless highlights, making the grow-out easy to maintain while opting for a more distinct transition of hues that might need frequent touch-ups and salon visits. Coconut Hair masks and hydrating hair shampoo products are a must since lightening dark strands causes damage to your hair.

Envie hair color
Envie hair color

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