Are Hair Foils Beneficial?

hair foils

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A very common question is, are hair foils really beneficial when undergoing hair bleaching? When going through the highlighting, balayage or block bleaching sometimes hair can be difficult to process. Hair Foils help to keep the heat isolated to a small section of the hair. Foil highlights are best for big hair changes. Dying your hair at least four shades lighter. During the highlighting and lowlighting, foils work best for this as well. Since hair foils are so easily customized, many stylists opt for these when it comes to their clients’ wishes.

Why are foils used?

Designed as a hair coloring technique, foil isolates selected strands of hair with color or bleach and separate them from the rest of the hair. In this way it “prevents” the hair color applied to these select strands from touching the rest of the hair, also controlling the color process of the hair within the foil. It keeps the heat within; processes bleach faster and when closed tight pushes pigment deeper into the hair.

Foils allow a colorist to apply and isolate multiple hair colors on the same client for a distinct colorful look without the fear of colors running into one another and mudding out the finished look. Foils, used in salons over the years for their durability, flexibility, and disposability. Coming in different colors for easy identification when doing highlights and lowlights, and sizes so they are suitable with short or long hair.

Choose a suitable foil. There are a few different types of foils you can use to highlight your hair. You can use Aluminium foil, plastic foil, or terry cloth foil. Aluminum foil is the most popular because it reflects light the best. Start by applying the bleach to the ends and only process the roots for up to 15 minutes as the roots lighten the quickest! Highlighting hair at home can quickly and easily add extra brightness and highlights to your hair. There are different ways to highlight your hair, each with its advantages and disadvantages

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