Ammonia free keratin hair color

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Keratin Hair Colour.

kc keratin hair ammonia free hair color 100% Excellent coverage of Grey hair.

100% Chemical FREE Guaranteed, 100% Natural & Certified Organic ,No Chemicals Whatsoever ,No Heavy Metals ,Ammonia FREE, Peroxide FREE , PPD FREE , Is the result of a long and intense research work in KC keratin dye colour  laboratories aimed at achieving a technical innovation in the colouring range keratin  colour which also considers the need to utterly safeguard the hair structure and simultaneously obtain a color that meets the expectations of the most demanding hairdressers.


It is a technical innovation, that’s why keratin hair dye it is delicate on the hair, since it does not have ammonia’s aggressiveness.


The hair structure is protected and reinforced thanks to the keratin, which gives hair greater compactness and tensile strength, this means greater softness and smoothness at touch.

Well closed and compact keratin scales guarantee a better hold of color in time.

The absence of ammonia makes the hairdresser’s approach extremely pleasant for the customer and ensures better health in the beauty salon also for assistants in charge of applying hair dyes, without annoying inhalations! . keratin hair dye color.

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