Achieving Blonde Hair

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The ice-white platinum blonde is extremely trendy, especially in the summertime. Achieving blonde hair can actually be a challenge even for hairdressers at times. Using dark box dyes makes this process worse! Trying to do this from home can be extremely difficult without experience. But, it’s hard not to try at home when access to the same salon quality products are on the market for a fair price compared to in the salon. During this time it’s hard for people to afford these prices!

Bleaching powder and a good toner is the way to go. Finding a bleaching powder with anti-breakage technology is advised. Activated bleach is extremely dangerous for the hair, it causes damage and breakage. If your inexperienced you will need to use this technology for extra safety!

To achieve the platinum blonde look it is easier to use a dark pigmented bleach powder. Grey bleach powder for example, gives a instant platinum look. Stripping any sort of previous colour from the hair leaving a even base to tone. This is infused with plex technology and keratin to eliminate the chance of breakage and to make the finished hair glossy and smooth.

After The Bleaching Process

When it comes to toners it is important you see what pigments your hair needs some of the most popular toners are from Loreal Dialight Toners especially Loreal Dialight 10.12 which is a combination of ash and violet to create a gorgeous ice white blonde. Finally, to maintain a bright beautiful blonde tone it is important to use purple shampoos. This eliminates any yellow that shows in the hair which allows a fresh blonde look to last longer. Purple shampoos should be used once a week. Also, no yellow masks can be used more frequently compared to the shampoo, they help to hydrate the hair and leave it feeling softer and healthier.

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