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hair color raywell

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Hair Color Raywell dye

The new Raywell COLORPLEX colouring concept is based on a merging of cutting edge technologies and natural resources, which arose from research by the Iemme laboratories: Vegetable Keratin, Quinoa Extract (Keen) and the protection system of bio/PLEX.


The synergy of these components makes it possible to colour your hair while fully preserving its capillary structure, making this structure stronger, better protected and shinier, gradually improving the texture and leaving it twice as strong. Ray well hair dye color is 1+1 hair color.

Ammonia hair colour

RAYWELL AVANT X ammonia free hair color is an innovative hair color cream line ammonia free, phenylenediamine free and nickel free which colours your hair in a NON aggressive way leaving it shiny and soft hair colour.

The beeswax  extract content protects your skin and hair, while its fruity fragrances leaves a good smell in your hair and in the work environment very good hair color.

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