Types Of Hair Dye

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When it comes to hair coloring, deciding what you want to go for can be difficult. People use hair dye color for multiple reasons. For example, covering grey hair, toning blonde and brown shades, and just for a general change of appearance. There are 2 types of hair colors, some contain ammonia and some are ammonia-free. Ammonia can be damaging to the hair if constantly used. Different branded companies are on the market with different features.


Envie Technic Hair Color is a salon-quality brand that offers a wide range of vibrant and trend-setting shades. It is a popular choice among individuals who are looking to experiment with their hair. Covering white hair 100% transforms your look completely. Additionally, you can add subtle highlights, it contains glossy shine silicon without scalp burning. The color has been submitted to dermatological testing care at the university clinic. Envie Technic Hair Color known for its high-quality formula that provides rich and intense color that lasts without the overpowering smell of chemicals. Envie Technic Color has options for every style and preference.

INOA hair color is a popular brand of ammonia-free hair dye from Loreal. Known for its gentle and less damaging formula, making it a preferred choice. INOA hair color offers a wide range of shades, whether it’s covering grey hair, toning blonde or brown shades, or simply wanting a change of appearance. With its innovative technology, INOA hair color delivers vibrant and long-lasting results, giving users a natural-looking and radiant hair color.

Raywell  Color Plex Hair Dye is another salon quality brand that is known for its unique no smell formula, the Italian hair colouring system, a result of 35 years in research and development to create beautiful natural ultra-shine results. Formulated with a cuticlex 3D plex compound – structural reconstruction of cuticle for ultimate shine and hair protection during the hair colouring process. Raywell  Color Plex Hair Dye contains Vegetal Keratin, with the primary Keratin of hair fibres and is responsible for a healthy, strong, and elastic hair structure. With nine amino acids and antioxidant Lysine, vitamins C & E that promote collagen production and cellular reproduction.

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