Why you should use the All in 1 MILK LEAVE IN CONDITIONER.

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Envie All in 1 milk Leave in

All in 1 milk Gives shine and eliminates frizz, repairs treated and dry hair, smooth effect, protects the hair from the heat of the dryer and the hair-straightener, detangling, repairs split ends, volume , colour protector, good fragrance.


Milk Anti-frizz smoothening effect style this product must be used on frizzy hair before drying it, in order to eliminate the frizz and help obtaining a straightening result. It can also be used daily on dry hair for an anti-frizz treatment.


How to use: kindly dry your hair with a towel and apply about a knob of cream having care of distributing it on the entire hair surface. Then dry your hair using phone drier and brush. You can also apply it directly in small quantity on dry hair, from roots to ends. ANTIFRIZZ 150 ml

Cristal milk hair serum is a conditioning treatment for all hair types with argan oil and make soft and shine.

leave in conditioner
leave in con

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